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  • Mobile App for the University of Hertfordshire

    Cross platform App proof of concept for the KxStudent product by Kinetic Solutions.

  • Medikinet iPad App for Flynn Pharma

    Medikinet iPad App solution for Flynn Pharma, marking their entry into mobile pharmaceutical detail aids.

  • London South Bank University

    London South Bank University student accommodation booking website concepts.

  • Pinkham Blair Accountancy Rebrand

    Pinkham Blair Accountancy Rebrand - having evolved significantly Pinkham Blair needed to communicate this with a fresh new look.

  • Antivenom Exhibition Panel

    Antivenom Exhibition Panel for MicroPharm featuring a Saw-scaled Viper.

  • Future, Forum & Arena Branding for AstraZeneca Respiratory Meetings

    Educational Respiratory Meeting Identity for AstraZeneca

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